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The thought of starting your life as a college student can be enthralling and daunting at the same time. You are excited about the new experiences but also a bit scared. If you are someone who has never taken care of your finances then you might find yourself a bit worried about how you are […]

The brain is powerful; we can store nearly infinite amounts of data in it. Is there, however, a daily limit? Yes, that is the quick answer. The brain can only store a certain amount of new knowledge per day due to its fixed size. Because our brain has a daily limit, which has been scientifically […]

When you are writing something very passionately, you definitely want to share it with others. And what can be better than writing essays? This is a long-term writing goal that every aspiring author or student dreams of. The topics can be anything, from academic, editorial, or even humorous topics. You can have your own personalized […]