The Ultimate Guide to Writing Essays

When you are writing something very passionately, you definitely want to share it with others. And what can be better than writing essays? This is a long-term writing goal that every aspiring author or student dreams of. The topics can be anything, from academic, editorial, or even humorous topics. You can have your own personalized approach and a million numbers of topics to choose from and settle in. You do not have any barriers on the framework too. So let’s dive into the world of essays and we hope that with our guide, you will be able to ace it.

What is your essay about?

Before you start writing your essays, you need to consider three things; understand what your core idea would be, the type of content you are going to write, and who will be your audience. Among them, the core idea is important for making the crux of your write-up evident. This is the central point around which your essay would revolve. Usually, there are issues with understanding the topic idea but you can perfectly answer it if you get to know what your teachers and professors want to read from you.

One of the best practices involves reiterating your ideas through the entire essay and wrapping it up finally at the conclusion. This is how you can hook your teachers to the content.

You can write one of the following types of essays:

Argumentative essay

These essays are very assertive in nature. They are normally written with a motive to defend a position.

Admissions essay

There are certain types of essays that are required to be submitted when you are taking an admission in an institution. Most colleges ask for it along with their application.

Persuasive essay

This is written in order to persuade and convince the reader in favor of a certain point.

Personal essay

These are anecdotal forms of write-ups or are the personal stories of the students.

Compare-and-contrast essays

These are written when you need equal attention from two very opposite things at the same time.

Expository essay

With this type of an essay, you can thoroughly explain a particular topic, and help to expand the knowledge of the reader. These essays do not have any bias.

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Clare Louise

Clare Louise