The thought of starting your life as a college student can be enthralling and daunting at the same time. You are excited about the new experiences but also a bit scared. If you are someone who has never taken care of your finances then you might find yourself a bit worried about how you are going to be managing your finances. This is one of the things that most of the students worry about. When you are living in York University Residence, you know you need to get your finances in place. We are here to tell you some tips that can help you save some money and take the worry off your mind.

Try to Avoid Overpriced food outlets

One of the best ways to save money is by preparing your own meals. But it is not always possible. If you aren’t able to get yourself a sandwich or simply want to head out for a bite, pick places that won’t hit your finances substantially. There are many fancy places which you would want to visit but a casual visit to these places can turn out to be not such a great idea in the long run.

It is Thrift-time

If you have never thrifted before, then it is time you did. Thrifting is an art. All you need to do is keep your eyes out and you would be able to find some really great clothes to buy. You can also head to the Kind Exchange Store, they also have some great options you can choose from. They have lightly worn and cleaned clothes that you could get. From here you would be able to get all the chic clothing which have no odours on them or any sweat stains. This will help you to have a chic and modern wardrobe and also help you to save money. You can also make money by selling your old clothes.

Have a Budget in place

It is essential that you have a budget in place from the very first day and you stick to it. It can help you to enjoy your college life thoroughly and also help you to save. When you are looking for accommodation make sure that you don’t spend too much on it, have a budget in place about how much you would be comfortable in paying as rent. You could also get into the habit of withdrawing a set amount each week and using that cash only. Try to resist the feeling of using your debit card. These little things will help you to keep a track of your expenses.

Keep an eye for free opening nights

Who said that you need money to have fun? Many free gallery opening nights happen. You can keep an eye out for them. Many social and cultural events have free entry. These free events are a great way to learn and also give you a chance to have some memorable experiences without shelling out money.

Bernice Jacobs

Bernice Jacobs