What People are Saying

*Like a good SAT Prep Course, the Level 1 Boot Camp training provides a great crash course to pass the Certification Exam.  ~ Mark E. Damon

*The presenter, Chrissy, was amazing and had great information to share. I can’t wait to attend another workshop. ~ Dana Aagaard

*Engaging presenter and hands on practical applications of the content. ~Gail Mania

*Absolutely worth every minute! ~ June Troiano

*The information that I acquired during this training is invaluable. ~ Bibiana Prada

* This training thoroughly covered Google apps for Educators and has been one of the best professional development seminars that I have attended in years. ~ Jessica Crum

* It was a small, focused, organized and engaging training that made sure the attendees understood all the concepts covered for the Google 1 Certification Test. ~ Amanda Robles

* Definitely an engaging eye opening training on all that Google has to offer. ~ Randi Venema

* Chrissy was an excellent presenter. She was thorough and patient with all who attended. I also enjoyed receiving more information on how to professionally network with other educators to receive further training/ed-tech opportunities. ~ Jessica Crum

* I was so grateful for a trainer that realized there were many levels of proficiency, including beginners, like myself. I was petrified within the first fifteen minutes, but the presenter was gentle and patient when instructing. ~ Pamela R. Dean

* Personable training with a friendly atmosphere. ~ Susan DeVito


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