To Blog or Not to Blog?

17 Jun

So it’s been quite awhile since I put pen to paper or should I say tap the keys of my chromebook.  Sometimes life just gets in the way and blogging is put on the back burner.  But in the last week there has been a lot of talk about blogging on Twitter and in my mastermind group (more on that in another post).  Should I blog? What should I blog about? What platform should I use? In supporting my PLN with my thoughts on blogging it prompted me to get back to it.  So here goes…

My advice about blogging.

1.  Just do it! Stop thinking about it and just pick up your computer and get  right to it.  Pick a platform. There are a lot out there but I recommend WordPress. It’s easy to use, has a lot of great plug ins, and to be honest, it’s the only platform that had the “chalkboard” theme that I love!

2.  Blog about anything that matters to you. Chances are it will matter to someone else too!  Don’t worry about who your audience is.  Just use the platform to get your thoughts out of your head and out into the world. I am sure you have something in there that others want to hear about, learn, and find support in.

3.  Stop editing and proofreading your blog to death!  I know far too many bloggers that spend hours and hours editing their posts to make them “just right” and they never make it out there which misses the point of blogging in the first place.  In my opinion, just get your thoughts out there. Of course, follow the basic rules of grammar, punctuation, etc. but beyond that STOP OVERTHINKING and just get your blog out there.

4. Most important of all, HAVE FUN with your blog! It doesn’t have to be all that serious all the time.

I hope this prompts someone to get off the couch and start blogging.  If you do, please SHARE WITH ME! Tweet the link to your blog to me @TheConnectedEdu.  I would LOVE to read it!