It All Started With a Tweet and a Text –

14 Feb

#NJEduAfterHours is a great way to expand your PLN. It is organized by Adi Madden, Mike Andriulli, me, Chrissy Romano-Arrabito aka The Connected Educator, three teachers from Bergen County, NJ.

It all started with a Tweet and a text! Last week during a Twitter chat @mr_isaacs asked me if I wanted to organize a #coffeeEdu in northern NJ. I had no idea what that was so I Googled it.

In a nutshell, #coffeeEdu is is about expanding your PLN in a face to face meet up for one hour in an “unconference” style. I immediately texted Adi and Mike and asked them if they wanted to organize a #coffeeEdu with me here in Bergen County. An hour later, #NJEduAfterHours was born.

We couldn’t find a coffee house with a decent seating area so we opted for a central location in Bergen County that has indoor and outdoor seating with the added bonus of some “adult beverages” and rebranded to #NJEduAfterHours. We picked a date, Friday, February 27, location, Bahama Breeze in Paramus on Rt. 4, and a time, 4:30 pm.

So here is how it works, tell your colleagues, Tweet about it, share on fb and other social networking groups you belong to. Show up and connect with educators around northern NJ to talk all things education. No agenda, no pre-chosen topics just talk about whatever YOU are interested in. Share what you are doing in your schools, get ideas from other educators, learn from one another, spread your positive energy and passion for teaching, and of course, expand your PLN!

If you are outside of the northern NJ area organize your own “AfterHours” unconference and Tweet about it! Let us know and we will support you by spreading the word with our PLN.