Are You an Educational Ninja?

7 Jan



Are you an educational ninja?  Not sure what I am talking about.  Take a minute to read on…

An Educational Ninja …

TRIES NEW  THINGS –  So often in education there is always something new to try.  We see new ideas shared at EdCamps, conferences, blogs, Twitter chats, etc. We talk about how awesome it all is.  But do you actually put any of it into practice or do you put away your notes and tell yourself that you will fit it into your lesson plans when you get a chance?

Educational Ninjas jump right in!  They give things a try. When they come across something new and innovative they make the time to fit it into their plans  – usually right away!  They strike while the iron is hot and they are still buzzing with energy and excitement to share with their students.  They are known as the “risk takers” and in many cases are on the fringe within their schools because of their tendency to be the cutting edge.


ask for forgiveness

BREAKS SOME RULES – We all know that in our schools there are mandates, expectations, and rules to follow.  Unfortunately they are not always in the best interest of our kids.  Are you a rule follower or are you a rebel and dare to go against the grain?

Educational Ninjas aren’t afraid to breaks the rules even though there may be risks involved.  Their motto is “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission.” They quietly (or not so quietly) do what they do in the best interest of the kids.  In my experience if you can show that the benefits outweigh following the rules most administrators will give you a pass.



DON’T TAKE THEMSELVES TOO SERIOUSLY – To be clear, Educational Ninjas take teaching very seriously.  They take pride in their craft and continually work towards bettering themselves and growing as professionals.  That being said, Educational Ninjas are not afraid to “fail forward”, make mistakes, look silly, and have some fun.  One of the best ways to connect with kids is to let them know that you a person just like them – just a little older with a bit more life experience.

Educational Ninjas strive to teach the whole child and find ways to connect with them on a personal level outside of the academic. To see a teacher make a mistake and find a way to turn it into something positive is a great lesson to teach kids.  To learn that a teacher likes pizza and chocolate just like they do or the same TV show or video game, etc. builds a connection that will take you both much farther than just focusing on them as a student. Educational Ninjas share their passions, their ups and downs, stories about their kids, and what they were like when they were young.  They do this because they believe that kids are just little people who have a voice that needs to be heard.  They value their contributions, enjoy learning about what makes them tick, and appreciate their viewpoints.

So what do you think? Are you an Educational Ninja? Know anyone who fits this description? - New Year funny resolution 2014 wallpaper funny pics

I look forward to connecting with you. Let’s start #eduninja and share our experiences!  I’ll be on the lookout for any Educational Ninjas! Find me @TheConnectedEdu