5 Tips to Pass the NEW Google Educator Certification Exams

19 Jan

There are a lot of people out there giving advice on becoming a Google Educator. I have read what is out there and found that most of it was common sense or info I already knew.   I am a typical type A personality: organized, structured, like to make things happen, and appreciate the practical things that help me move ahead in life. So, I put together a few things I did that worked for me.

1. SET A TIME FRAME that you want to complete the exam and stick to it. Google requires you to register and purchase your exam but it can take up to 24 hours to release the exam to you.  Decide when you want to take the exam and back track a few days to register and purchase the test.

2. GET A PARTNER in crime to do it with you. I don’t necessarily mean physically in the room sitting next to you but someone who will go the distance with you using the same timeframe. My partner and I pushed each other to stay positive and we strategized our study sessions together.  We motivated each to study harder and smarter and and made sure to use GAFE in practice in our classrooms to be even more prepared.

3. Go to a BOOT CAMP – I highly recommend going to a Boot Camp workshop.  You get tips and hints from a Google for Education Certified Trainer who has taken the exam(s) and can offer some practical tips and hints that you may not have otherwise thought of.

4. Take advantage of the MARK A QUESTION feature on the exam. You will have 180 minutes to take each exam. You have the option to mark a question (whether you answer it or not) and come back to review it later.  You also have the option to review all of your answers after you go through all of scenarios/questions.  I found that the questions I knew without hesitation I did not mark because I did not want to waste time when reviewing questions. Any questions that I was even slightly unsure of I marked and went back to them.  I found this very helpful and it allowed me to work through the questions I knew with ease and I made sure to leave some time to review any tricky questions.

5. WATCH THE CLOCK – In my experience, the #1 reason people fail the test  is because they do not watch the clock, overthink their responses, and end up running out time. If you are a regular user of GAFE go with your gut. In most cases you will be right on target!

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please do not hesitate to email me if you want more information. Feel free to pass on the info to a friend.  The more Google Educators out there pushing education forward – the better!!!  If you decide to take the plunge – GOOD LUCK – and let me know how you make out.