3 Things You Need To Know About EdCampNJ

29 Nov


The fourth annual EdCampNJ was held on November 21, 2015 at Jonathan Dayton High School in Springfield, NJ.  Over 300 educators from all over New Jersey and some from New York showed up bright and early ready to learn and share all things education! I have been to many EdCamps but nothing compares to EdCampNJ.  

Here are three reasons you have to mark your calendar (typically the Saturday before Turkey Day) to attend EdCampNJ 2016.

Breakout EDU


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Educators come from near and far to talk, learn and share anything and everything about education. They talk about their interests, share their passions, and most importantly ask questions.  It’s a great opportunity to finally meet those people who you met on Twitter or Google+ or just hang out and catch up with your PLN that you don’t get to see often enough.  No matter how you look at it the people are what make EdCampNJ what it is.  New Jersey has the best and brightest educators that can all come and convene in the same place for a few hours.


session board

EdCampNJ is where you can find some of the best PD around and the best part is that it is FREE!   Edcamps are free to all attendees. This helps ensure that all teachers and educational stakeholders can attend.  During the morning of EdCamp, the schedule is created by the people who attend. Sessions are based on what the attendees want to talk about and learn that day. What you find at one EdCamp may not be what you find at another.  Anyone can add a session to the board.  You are guaranteed to find a session that piques your interest. From the all-day Maker Space where you can tinker and play around with all sorts of cool materials to discussions on bilingual education, digital citizenship, going paperless, and Middle School Show and Tell to one of my favorite sessions at EdCampNJ this year – Breakout EDU.  There is definitely something for everyone.


maker space favs
#makerspacefun Cathy Isaascs (@iwearthecrowns) and Meredith Martin (@geekyteach)

You cannot beat the level of energy at EdCampNJ.  I couldn’t keep track of how many people commented on the high energy they felt in the building so early in the morning. Maybe it was all the caffeine the organizers needed to get up at 5:00 am to get to the location and begin setting up. But I think the real reason is that those who organized and attended wanted to be there. EdCampNJ is not about earning a certificate to show your administer or attending because your district is making you attend.  EdCampNJ is all about dedicated, passionate, enthusiastic educators who want to continue to learn and grow as a professional. The organizers and attendees choose to give up a Saturday to spend the day learning, growing, and meeting others who share the same mindset.  


So if you have been on the fence about attending EdCampNJ, I hope I was able to convince you to give it a try.  I will definitely be there next year. Look for me at the registration desk!